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We Chained Up and Got out of Town


Picture this!  Four Sisters pull out their Les Schwab tire chains, get out the directions and put them on the car for practice in case they need them on the summit of the coast range. Lets step back a few…

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Camp Howard Summer Registration Open

On-line registration is now open for all of our general camping sessions, sport camps both in town and at camp, Family Camp, specialty Camps, etc.  Join me this summer at Camp Howard for another exciting camping season!  Bring a friend! (Or…

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I Drove Back for the Cabbage!


JANUARY 10, 2017 CYO/CH –Did I tell you what I saw this summer on my way to the office from Camp Howard?  The area has some very impressive “truck farms” which means they raise vegetables for local stores and sales….

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Top Summer Camp Position Filled With Top Notch Leader

JANUARY 9, 2017 CYO/CAMP HOWARD–Anna McLean will step into the position of Program Director at Camp Howard for the 2017 summer camping season.  Camp administration is pleased to name this position early in the year and look forward to working…

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When a Sister Passes

SISTERS OF ST. MARY OF OREGON JANUARY 7, 2017 After graduating from Oregon State University with my degree in Education, I entered the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon.  February 1980 was my entrance month.  One of the things that…

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What? Games Cancelled?

CYO/CAMP HOWARD JANUARY 6, 2017–Cancelling games is one of the hardest things we do at CYO/Camp Howard in Portland, OR.  We know how much you want to play and we WANT YOU TO PLAY!  When the weather becomes a factor,…

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You Think it is Cold at Your Place….

JANUARY 5, 2017–The power went out Wednesday night at 1:00 am.  The water was left dripping in key areas of the camp such as the faucet in the dining hall to keep the pipes from bursting.  Good news is that…

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