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Top Summer Camp Position Filled With Top Notch Leader

JANUARY 9, 2017 CYO/CAMP HOWARD–Anna McLean will step into the position of Program Director at Camp Howard for the 2017 summer camping season.  Camp administration is pleased to name this position early in the year and look forward to working…

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December 8, 2016 The cold winter winds and icy snow and rain sometimes play havoc at Camp Howard.  Fortunately we do not have a lot to complain about but about every 5 years a cabin comes in contact with a…

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Birdhouse Building at Camp Howard


New homes for the birds in Portland area.

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Last Images of Camp Howard Summer Camping Season


After dinner each night at Camp Howard, Old Glory is lowered and cabins take turns with the honor.  Campers learn to address the flag, proper protocols and folding the flag.  The flag was lowered the last time by the kids…

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That’s the End Folks!

All good things must come to an end they say and so it goes with the Camp Howard summer sessions!  The busses will pull out today at around 4:00 and arrive at the Madeleine at 5:00 God Willing.  This will…

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Leila Blakely and Eddy Reyes Making a Difference Behind the Scenes!

Health and Safety Director, Leila Blakely and her very helpful assistant, Eddy Reyes have contributed greatly to the cleanliness of camp, safety in food service, hydration stations around camp and pool safety.  Their daily routines include making sure all of…

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Leadership Behind the Scenes at Camp Howard is What Makes the Difference

Leadership in my opinion is what makes the difference between a good experience and a GREAT experience!  There have been some wonderful youth leaders employed at Camp Howard this summer and it has been a pleasure to watch them lead and…

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The Health Inspector Visited Camp Howard this Week and Guess What they Found?

It was a 5 hug salute to Karen von Borstel for an outstanding camp!  Health Inspector said she was going to write an article for their National Magazine citing the excellence she found at Camp Howard!  Hadn’t seen anything that…

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Update on Camp Howard Basketball Courts Cover

The Structure has been inspected and found to be excellent and ready for the front and top to be applied.  The building is beautiful and fits well, nestled in the forest surrounded by Douglas Firs.  It will be an absolute…

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Capture the Flag…A Camp Howard Highlight Activity

CAPTURE THE FLAG…we could not operate the camp without it…there would be mutiny!!!  Capture the Flag is an all camp event that takes place at the end of the week and all of the camp participates.  Kids LOVE it!  Khaki…

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