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We Chained Up and Got out of Town


Picture this!  Four Sisters pull out their Les Schwab tire chains, get out the directions and put them on the car for practice in case they need them on the summit of the coast range. Lets step back a few…

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I Drove Back for the Cabbage!


JANUARY 10, 2017 CYO/CH –Did I tell you what I saw this summer on my way to the office from Camp Howard?  The area has some very impressive “truck farms” which means they raise vegetables for local stores and sales….

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Top Summer Camp Position Filled With Top Notch Leader

JANUARY 9, 2017 CYO/CAMP HOWARD–Anna McLean will step into the position of Program Director at Camp Howard for the 2017 summer camping season.  Camp administration is pleased to name this position early in the year and look forward to working…

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My Thoughts on the Confederate Flag in South Carolina

I have really enjoyed studying the Civil War History these past 10 years as a personal hobby.  I have watched every film on President Lincoln that I can find.  One of my favorite films is called “Saving Lincoln” which is…

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Looking Back on the Fourth of July – Mollalla Does it up Right!

If you need a dose of patriotism and Christian values, there is nothing like a rodeo on the Fourth of July.  I attended the Mollalla Buckeroo for the evening show on the Fourth of July and had a fantastic time….

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Remembering My Friend Sister Geraldine Bernards SSMO

I must pause and write a story about my friend, Sr. Geraldine.  I had the privilege of living with her at St. Therese convent which is attached to Maryville Nursing Home.  I was teaching at St. Mary of the Valley…

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Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon Begin General Chapter Meetings in Beaverton

Chapter The word is said to be derived from the chapter of the rule book: it is a custom under the Rule of Saint Benedict that monks or nuns gather daily for a meeting to discuss monastery business, hear a sermon or lecture, or receive instructions from…

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OFFICIALS…..I Respect and Appreciate Them!

Rick Skayhan visits with two of the officials he has coached up through the program at the CYO Championships 2015

As we enter into the last weekend of basketball, I would be negligent if I did not mention the contribution of Rick Skayhan’s Basketball Officiating program.  Ref Corps is the name of the program our officials sign up through.  Ref…

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I Went to Camp Howard Today….Here’s the Scoop…


This was a PERFECT day to go to Camp Howard.  There was actually dust on the road!  A sure sign of spring!  Karen, Bill, Candi, Leila and I meet almost weekly to work on our camp improvements for next year….

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Who’s Coaching CYO Basketball? For Riehl?

T.R. Riehl hails from Heppner, OR where he played fullback and linebacker on the Heppner High School State Championship Football Team!  Today, he coaches his children and others in a variety of CYO sports including Football and Basketball.  THANKS T.R. for…

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