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I Drove Back for the Cabbage!


JANUARY 10, 2017 CYO/CH –Did I tell you what I saw this summer on my way to the office from Camp Howard?  The area has some very impressive “truck farms” which means they raise vegetables for local stores and sales….

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All Saints Girls win the 5th Grade CYO BXB Tournament

The All Saints 5th Grade Girls had height in their favor in the CYO City Championship game against the Cathedral girls (photo unavailable).  The contest was played March 6th at Valley Catholic in Beaverton, OR.  Both teams played a good…

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Guess Who Won the SSMO Singles Bocce Tournament…?

There were thirty-three entries in the SSMO Singles Bocce Tournament August 14th during a barbecue picnic on the eve of Final Vows for Sr. Alison Green and Temporary Vows for Sr. Anna Nguyen!  Rain threatened but did not dampen the SSMO…

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7 Grade Girls CYO City BXB Championship Valley Catholic vs St. Pius X

7th Grade Girls City Championship Home: Valley Catholic – Bradleigh Cameron, Leada Berkey Away: St. Pius X – Doug Klucevek, Bob Dach Q1:      5 – 4 – Valley Catholic Q2:      11 – 10 – Valley Catholic Q3:      16…

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