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6th Grade CYO Volleyball Championship All Saints vs St. Joseph

7-6-spike-all-saints-championsAll Saints Coaches: Mitzi MacCallum, Colleen Obryant.  Team: Chloe, Sofia, Ava, Logan, Shannon, Charlotte, Maggie, Sarah and Molly.8-6-spike-st-joseph-secondSt. Joseph (Vancouver) Coaches: Becki Garrow, Ed Garrow.  Team: Drew, Jocelyn, Claire, Lauren, Katie, Sophia, Kaitlyn, Ella and Kassidy.

Game Highlights:Sixth grade volleyball is made more enjoyable to watch by the mere fact the girls have grown tall enough to spike and their skills have been developed to a point that they are doing a great job controlling the ball.  Spectators get into the game and it is a louder, more exciting age group to watch.

St. Joseph came back in game two and outscored All Saints 25 – 13.  Great serving by St. Joseph’s.

Game 3 – Al Saints came out with 2 point lead, gave up the ball and St. Joseph tied at 2-2.  A battle ensued with the score going back and forth tied at 10-10.  All Saints started to pull ahead at 13-10 when the St. Joseph team called time out.  All Saints came back and scored two more to take the tournament title 15 – 11.  It was a great game by both teams and a lot of fun to watch.

Holy Trinity Battles to CYO 5th Grade Volleyball Championship

5-5-spike-holy-trinity-championsHoly Trinity Coaches: Lina Kwee Nguyen, Anh Khoa Nguyen.  Players Mikayla, Marjorie, Emmanuelle, Kendra, Lauryn, Kyla, Taylor, Leia, Adrienne, Ericka, Lauren, Mackenzie

6-5-spike-holy-trinity-secondSt. Matthew Coaches: Marisol Levick, Lacey Puncochar.  Players: Sophia, Dominique, Gillian, Mary, Bailey, Elisabeth, Emilia, Adelle, Jaydn, Macie, Annabelle.

Game 1 – St. Matthew took pretty handily 25 – 10. 

Game 2, Holy Trinity tied the score at 11 – 11 then took the lead 19 – 13 before handing the serve over to St. Matthew.  With a score of 24 – 20, Holy Trinity scored the last point and won the second game 25 – 20.

Game 3, Holy Trinity came out to the early lead 3-0 before St. Matthew took over the serving and tied the game at 7-7.  A back and forth tug of war continued to the end of the 15 – 13 Holy Trinity win!

Notable Game Notes: Holy Trinity got into the championship game by beating the two time previous contender, Valley Catholic.  St. Matthew, the 2015 champion beat St. Agatha, the number one seed this year.  Both teams played a tough tournament schedule to make it to the big game!  “Anything can happen at the tournaments!”

St. Clare Takes CYO 4th Grade Volleyball Championship

3-4-spike-champions-st-clareSt. Clare Coaches: Theresa Dreves, Tammy Ollivier.  Players: Keara, Shannon, Charlotte, Sydney, Kate, Adeline, Francesca, Sofia, Mia, Anna, Rami, Gabriella.

4-4-spike-2nd-holy-trinityHoly Trinity Coaches: Lisa Knutson, Lisa Sagapolu.  Players: Kiana, Phynix, Ashley, Kira, Phoebe, Mya, Ayla, Kylie, Lorelei

If you have ever watched much developmental volleyball, you will know the games at the lower grades are pretty much dictated by the ability to serve.  This match was no different, however, the girls kept the games  exciting for spectators.  St. Clare took the first game 25 – 23 in a very close contest.

The second game was also exciting with a lot of back and forth bumping,  But St. Clare came out to an early lead and kept it going until they were ahead 20 – 10.  Holy Trinity rallied to 13-20 then 15 – 22.  Holy Trinity kept coming back.  Both teams were a little tense at the end of the second game which also became a factor.  St. Clare took it in the end 25 – 21 in a great fourth grade match.

Both teams will be fun to watch in the coming years.


Holy Trinity 3rd Graders 2016 CYO Volleyball Champs

The Holy Trinity third grade girls were crowned 2016 CYO Champions for volleyball this year in a unique season ending game.  The Madeleine School who should have played in the contest against Holy Trinity was unable to field a team.  Several CYO Staff members stepped forward to take on the third grade team.  In a close game, 25 – 19, the Holy Trinity Titans prevailed winning the end of season tournament!  Congratulations girls!


COACHES: Vicky Ginter, Tara Cenova. Team Members: Angela, Kennedy, Cailyn, Shelby, Ava, Sidney, Scarlett, Elizabeth & Sofia.

CYO Spike Championship Volleyball Today

CYO NOV.19,2016 – The CYO Volleyball Championship weekend is upon us as teams prepare to battle it out on the courts all over the city for various division titles.  The CYO Championship SPIKE games will be held at Valley Catholic School beginning with third grade girls and the last games will finish in the early evening for 8th grade girls.  Stay tuned for team scores and photos as we get ready to play some CYO Volleyball! thumb_img_2242_1024

Birdhouse Building at Camp Howard


One of the new additions to the line up of activities was bird house construction Session 6 at Camp Howard.  The bird houses were pre-cut out of 3/4″ pine in a traditional slant box pattern with bevels at the camp.  Campers assembled the houses with screws and glue then painted them in the color scheme of the original cabins at Camp Howard.  The Fircrest Unit of cabins was the original unit with 6 cabins.  The board and bat buildings are painted in a rust red paint with burnt orange trim.  All of the original buildings at the camp are painted in that color scheme.

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Last Images of Camp Howard Summer Camping Season


After dinner each night at Camp Howard, Old Glory is lowered and cabins take turns with the honor.  Campers learn to address the flag, proper protocols and folding the flag.  The flag was lowered the last time by the kids on Thursday night.  On Friday, after the busses head back to town, the camp staff lower the flag.  It is raised each morning again by camper groups with the intent of each cabin having the opportunity to participate.  This time honored tradition is an important part of the camping experience at Camp Howard.

IMG_8043 IMG_8046 IMG_8036 IMG_8029 IMG_8019

Correction to Note

The 100 Foot SLIP and SLIDE was replaced session 5 NOT the Zip Line! 🙂

Camp Howard Completes 63rd Season

SPECTACULAR!  Another great camping season is in the books!  “Change” was the theme of the 2016 season and there was a lot of it.  A big Swing and zip line was added for the older kids.  Laser tag was a new program for 11 year olds and up.  A Cougar Award was handed out to a camper in every cabin every week!  No exceptions!  Programming was changed to allow for two choices per session.  FOB was moved to the afternoon when the kids are really tired instead of after lunch.  Tshirt sales were through the roof with the new cougar design.  The 100 foot SLIP AND SLIDE had to be replaced during session 5 due to the use it got!  Awesome!  Family Camp sold out and was a blast with Jason Kidd, Jolie Abraham Phanton and Heather Wycoff!  Fishing Camp practically fished the pond empty!  Lots of trout was eaten during the summer by avid fisherkids!

Stay tuned for a series of articles which will go into various aspects of the completed season!  Thanks for watching!


St. John Fisher 7th Girls Win the Big One!

The St. John Fisher Girls remember too well the painful loss of 2015 where they were involved in the famous 6x overtime (CYO Record) Championship game with St. Pius X.  Coming into the game this year, SJF had lost twice in regular season to Holy Family.

St. John Fisher came off the bench on fire and ran up a first quarter lead of 9-4.

With 1:15 in the second quarter, Holy Family went ahead for the first time 11-9.

The third quarter was scoreless until the final 3 minutes when Holy Family led a run on points.  St. John Fisher answered back and went ahead on two free throws by Josie Napoli with 1.3 seconds left in the quarter.

With 2:47 remaining in the game, Holy Family tied the game then went ahead on a steal.  The momentum had swung toward Holy Family and the crowd was behind them.  St. John Fisher, not a team to give it up, kept fighting and tied it back up at 17 all.  Molly Grant powered a shot through the hoop with 23 seconds left for 2 points giving SJF the advantage at 19 – 17.

FINAL: 19 – 17 St. John Fisher

7 Girls City 2016 1st St. John Fisher

CYO’s St. John Fisher 7th Grade Girls win the City Championship March 13th, 2016

7 Girls City 2016 2nd Holy Family

Holy Family 7th Grade Girls place 2nd in the CYO City Championship March 13, 2016

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