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Here’s What’s Happening at CYO This Weekend…Really?

The CYO Championship games will be held all over the city this weekend with 5th & 6th grade City Championship games at Valley Catholic on Sunday afternoon.

Tee shirt sites will be at St. Pius X gymnasium and Valley Catholic Athletic Center lobby.

See you this weekend!

Chuck Cunning shows sample of 2012 CYO Championship Shirt Design


Camp Howard Campers, Can You Name This Location?

If you are a true Camp Howard Camper you will be able to name this famous location at camp.  What’s going on here?  This room is in the process of being renovated.  Each year we try to take on a “Fall” project that usually includes painting.  During the winter we try to improve the inside of an area.  I will be showing the changes to this location in about two weeks.  I want you to know “It is looking GREAT!” – Let’s hear some answers in the comment section…

Camp Dining Hall (Gimpl Hall) Sporting a New Look

At the end of every summer camping season, a few staff are asked to stay on and help with a camp improvement project.  It is generally a painting project from the maintenance cycle that keeps the buildings in good repair.  This years project was staining and trimming out the Dining hall and two of the staff cabins.


Gimpl Dining Hall with new stain and trim job summer of 2011

Martie Massey, OSU Volleyball Varsity walk-on, reconnects with CYO

The “Massie” name is no stranger to CYO circles and volleyball groups in general.  The family reigns from St. Cecilia and have left their mark in the CYO Volleyball world for sure.  Martie Massey, a CYO Volleyball standout is in her Junior year at Oregon State.  I visited with her Mother this fall and heard the story about Martie walking on at Oregon State and securing a place on the team.  Martie was home watching younger sister, Zoe, play basketball in the City Championships when I asked her to tell me about her experience at OSU.

Martie, a Biology and pre-med hopeful is a junior this year and in her third year of playing volleyball for OSU.  I asked her to tell me the story.  She said she was a freshman in 09-10 and had played spring club volleyball.  People encouraged her to try out for the varsity team at OSU.  So she joined the practices and after three practices they asked her to stay!  She has been there ever since!

She reports great friends and a lot of fun.  Some of the best people she has ever met in her life.  I asked her what the highlights have been thus far.

– Beating number 3 ranked CAL this year was great

– Split with U of O where another former CYO standout attends and plays – Liz Brenner

– Finishing 8th place, one place out of qualifying for the NCAA tournament – hopeful for next year

Martie Massie plans to graduate next spring.  She is proud of the fact that her volleyball team has the highest GPA average of all the teams at OSU of 3.5.   Martie was named to the 2nd Team All Academic Pac 12 team this year.

CYO wishes Martie Massie God’s special blessings as she continues her education at OSU and toward her career path.  We are proud of her accomplishments!

Martie Massie

How Did we Know that St. Pius X would win 4 Boys Championship?

St. Pius X 4th grade boys played St. Pius X 4th grade boys team for the City Championship this year.  Chances of this happening is very rare but it does occasionally happen.

Highlights:  Reports were that the boys scrimmage each other practically every day of practice and it was very similar to a regular scrimmage for them except the bleachers were full of spectators cheering on both teams.  In this writers opinion, all the fourth graders at St. Pius X are pretty special ball players

2012 Fourth Grade City Champions St. PIus X

St. Pius X Fourth Grade Boys 2nd in City Championship

4th Grade Girls Mean Business at the Big Dance!

St. Thomas More wins the 2012 City Basketball for 4th Grade girls in a contest that thrilled the spectators!


St. Thomas More and Our Lady of the Lake played a close game all the way to the end of the game when St. Thomas more extended the lead to win by a margin of 6 points. Final score: STM 25 – OLL 19

St. Thomas More 4th Grade Girls Champions 2012

Come from Behind Victory 3 Boys CYO Basketball

Portland Christian trailed for three quarters in the City Championship for 3rd grade boys before coming from behind to win the game and the overall championship for 3rd grade boys 2012 in the CYO programs.


Q1 – St. Francis (Sherwood) led 10 – 4, Q2 – St. Francis led 22-11, Q3 – St. Francis led 28-23.  Q4-Portland Christian came from behind and won 37-32!

3rd Grade Girls Championship Game

Fantastic game!  Two very well matched teams who brought their games to the big dance!  St. John Fisher girls vs St. Pius X.

Highlights:  Tied 4 to 4 at the end of first quarter.  Tied 10 to 10 at halftime.  St. John Fisher pulled ahead in the third quarter with a score of 10 to 17.  Fourth quarter belonged to St. John Fisher who finished it with a score of 25-14.  St. Pius X was in the game to the end.

4th Boys St. Anthony vs St. Anthony! St. Anthony Won!

This was a fun game played by two teams of boys in the same grade at the same school that are obvious classmates.  It was evident in the way they treated one another.  Great example of sportsmanship throughout the game.  First Class Coaches as well.  It looked to this writer like these boys play basketball against each other often and on any day the game could go one direction or the other.  Today the score tipped in the direction of the white team.

Great players in the fourth grade class at St. Anthony!


CYO 4th Girls St. Matthew 3rd, St. Ignatius 5th – Final

St. Ignatius and St. Matthew played a very good fourth grade girls finals game for third place today.  The game featured two groups of girls with a lot of passion for the game and indicators of some very good talent in the future.

Highlights: St. Ignatius had the height and St. Matthew had the hot hands today.  These teams met last year for the CYO championship.  We will continue to expect some great things from these girls.

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